Home Studio Box

I have created a home studio box way back 2009 as part of my National Craftt Month Entry and in my blog entry I had no time to include the step-by-step tutorial on how to make this.....I just had to link the tutorial at my other site but this day I have the inkling to post it here =)  This is not my original idea and I got it from Maria of Cards of Maria site.  She makes great cards and I envy her for having time almost everyday to create cards.  For now I still refrain from making cards but from time to time when the need arises I just have to.

Anyway here's how you do a home-made studio box so that when you take pictures of any of your creations, it will be more sharp and clean.

Materials Needed:

Box of your choice
Double sided Tape
Thin plain white cloth or White Tissue Paper
White Matte Art Paper

Cut both sides of the box and the top part leaving an inch or 2 inches on every side.

Cover all the cut area with white cheese cloth or white tissue paper with the help of double sided tape.

On the inside, add white big art paper so when taking pictures you'll get a white background.

Easy isn't it?


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