The Easiest Flower To Make : Lollipop Flowers

One of the most popular flowers to make is called lollipop flowers. When I saw a lot of these in almost all craft site or video tutorials, I promised myself I will make these flowers. I've seen paper crafters creating beautiful lollipop flowers as part of their layout and it looks so cute.

Although I know you are also aware of this kind of paper flower, I still decided to take pictures on every step of the process. I just created a few and no idea when and where to use these flowers but will just keep it for the time being.

Materials Needed:
Cardstocks - preferably left overs so you have reason to use those bits and pieces of cardstocks scattering in your craft room.

Distressing tool - any tool you use for distressing

Distress ink pads or plain ink pads

Piercing tool and Scissors

Brads or Buttons or rhinestones et al  For this project I used my own made brad which you may find the tutorial at http://scrapbookingwithjerosha.blogspot.com/2010/09/glittery-brads.html

Stickles or glitters if you like

Note:  Fabrics or tulle or organza may also be used in making this kind of flowers =)


Freehand cut circles with the size of 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2 inches. layers can be 5 or 6 but 4 is the minimum.  The size can also vary depending on how small or big you want it.
Of course if you have round diecuts like spellbinders or punchers or a cricut cartridge you may use BUT I still believe a not perfect round shape is the cutest for this kind of paper flower.

 Distress the edges .....

Crumple ......

Use ink pad to highlight the distressed edges .......

Layering and piercing .......

Secure the flower with a brad or a button or rhinestone, etc.  Then add stickles or glitters =)


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