(Week 15) - Journal 52: Party Animal(s)

Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you all had a blessed Easter Week =)

Last week's prompt was about Party Animal(s) and I'm late in submitting since it was a week holiday for my son and had to spend time with him.  Before I go on any further let's check the prompt as written at Journal 52 -"For this week’s prompt, make a page about your favorite animal…party hat optional. :) It can be a pet, an animal at the zoo, or even a completely made-up creature."

Well, here's what I made for the said prompt:

The painting paper was warping so I decided to scan it instead =)

Aside from animal stickers, here are all the materials I used:

The Story of my page:

Every year there is an annual Easter celebration and all the animals are invited coming from different areas.  Always as in always the snails arrive too late for the party :(  So, this year all the animals in one area decided they will accompany the snails rain or shine and thus it means they have to start the journey a month before just to make sure they will ALL arrive just in time.  The birds are cheering and giving the snails support while some animals walk a little ahead of them so they will be protected from evil mishaps. 

Oh well gotta go ... need to hang some laundry while the sun is shining so bright =)

Have a great week everyone and Happy Crafting!


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