Playing with Long Forgotten Punchers

Eeeeewwwwww filled with dusts, so sad :(  Last 11 April, after reading one of the wishes of a fellow crafter in our RAK group, she mentioned that she wants cute embellishments.  As far as I know I already packed and sent the package but to date she hasn't received it yet.  Hopefully tomorrow or at least early next week she has it.

I know I'm a bad crafter coz I buy a LOT of tools and materials but it takes years before I think of using it.  It's a sickness that I'm doing my best to overcome BUt I know I'm not the only one, right?

Here are the cuties I punched and crossing my fingers she will appreciate the effort if not the items itself.

Looking at all my punchers, I noticed that ( aside from the accumulated dusts) my MS punchers ... most of them turned yellowish.  I hang all of it on a rod as well as my Stampin' UP and other brands but all my EK Success punchers are in a drawer.  I think I should keep them in one of my drawers.  Oh well, that's another story.

until then....


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