My First Christmas Card this Year

Yipee!!!!  Soon it's Christmas again and I believe more than half of the population in our planet literally LOVE the season.  I'm actually one of those people crazy when it comes to the Yuletide season.  I love the adrenalin when I have to find gifts for everyone ..... wrapping gifts with the help of my son .... baking Christmas goodies ... drinking the Swedish glogg for the whole month of December but only every night ... setting up all the decors and lights .... admiring the snow filled streets and garages (eeewwww!!!! shoveling the snow is something I really don't like)  and most of all creating something to sell and to give. I'm so pretty sure that just right after the Halloween and the All Souls Day my mind will be all-set for Christmas, are you?

For this hectic day I opted to use the left-over cardstock from my  project yesterday.  I also painted the line drawings with pearlescent paints.  The flower you see was taken from the Christmas wreath I bought last year.  Oh yes, I remove each flower and now I have a big bag full of these lovely flowers.  The stamp I used "God Jul" is an acrylic stamp by Reprint ... if my memory serves me right.  yeah I know I should continue with my stamp catalog, haist!  Oh by the way God Jul means Merry Christmas =)

Too early to say Merry Christmas to all, right?  So, here's wishing you all a lovely week-end instead =)

until then .....
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