4th Christmas Card 2011

I'm just in the mood of making Christmas cards this day.  I'm in that mood but I believe time is not so kind to me this day.  lots of other things to do but hoping will make more this day.

The weather is rainy and windy so I think I will get my son early than usual from school.  He really doesn't want to get sick this month especially on his birthday party.  He has been coughing like seal since yesterday but so far no fever or running nose.  If ever he will get sick it's best to be sick now.  It would be sad to see him sick during his party.

Anyway, here's my card for this day.  Once again I used that easy snow effect tool then stamped a swedish sentiment as well as the printed cardstockI bought last year at Panduro plus used Broken China Distress Ink Pad at the sides. 

Thanks for viewing =)

until then.....


Tinker Planet said...

I'm really digging that snow thingy... :)

JEROSHA said...

hahahahahahahhahahahaha let me know if you find one or not =)

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