Paper Laced Flowers using Border / Edge Punchers

I'm 100% sure all paper crafters has a border edge punch. We're all crazy about the lovely edge punchers from all brands. I remember very well I started having only 3 kinds when I started paper crafting here in Sweden and it's from Fiskars. As years go by I was able to acquire different kinds from Martha Stewart and my favorite EK Success.

Acquiring such tool(s) was not easy fro me but I really thank God for blessing me to have a very dear friend who is one of the greatest I have known in paper crafting especially card making. She would always remember me when it comes to tools that now my wall is filled with different kinds of edge punchers.

hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha DH declared a new decree at home that I control myself in buying edge punchers coz he is tired of adding new system for my punchers and there's actually no more vacant space on my wall. If only I have a bigger room, right?

To date, I'm so glad that it's easy to buy edge punchers now here in Sweden but I'm not adding new in my collection coz I know I have enough and I can live with what I have .... for now hehehehehehhehehehehe.

Here's what I have created last week using some of my edge punchers from Martha Stewart, EK Success, and Fiskars. These kind of tools can be used in creating flowers. Who says that Edge Punchers are just for creating borders? Definitely NOT ME =)

 Materials for this Project:
  • any Border / Edge Punch that you have
  • cardstock cut into 12 inches x 1 inch or more after punching
  • any kind of flowers ( prima or handmade)
  • different colors of tulle (optional)
  • glitters or stickles
  • brads or buttons or woodies
  • feathers (optional)
  • round or scalloped punch - as base for the flowers. you may also freehand cut the base =)
  • and lastly PATIENCE in freehand folding the strips of punched cardstock


1. Punch cardstocks using your favorite edge puncher.

2. Cut into strips minimum size of 1 inch in width x 12 inches in length. Please be aware that the smaller strips you make your paper laced flowers will be small BU more than 1 inch in widht your paper laced flowers will be kind'a bigger.

3. Punched round or scalloped shapes as base of your flowers. Freehand is also ok.

4. Starting from one end of your punched strip, begin to fold around your base. Cut the extra at the end of your fold if there's any.

5. Add your prima or fabric flower or even handmade flower at the center.

6. If you want to add tulle and/or feather before the flower then do it.

7. Secure the very center with brad or button or anything if needed.

8. Tap some stickles all over if you like.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. If I have inspired you to make these kinds of flowers please be kind enough to give credit as a sign of respect.

Happy week-end everyone!


Thanni said...

These are so great! Thanks for sharing a new way to use the punches :)


Hi Thanni! I can't wait to see your paper laced flowers coz I'm sure the flowers will be awesome just like all your creations =)

Anonymous said...

These flowers are gorgeous and would love to try someday =)

Thanni said...

So I tried your tutorial on the borderpunch flowers - and I think they turned out just fine ;)..gonna use them a lot on my layouts, 'cause they can be made in any size you want. Thanks again for sharing, and mostly for your sweet comments on my creations :)


Oh Thanni you did???? That's great! I'm so excited to see your paper laced flowers =)

FruMaansen said...

Hi - found my way onto your beautifil blog through Thanni's link.

Love your borderpunchflowers! Am for sure gonna try to make some!


Hello FruMaansen =) How sweet of you to drop by and I'm on my way to visit your site =) Can't wait to see your border punched flowers.

take care!

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