Turning Empty Tissue Rolls Into Angel-like Ornaments

Life for me for the past years have been very very busy that I just have no time to update my blog which is a shame ... I know :(  Most of the time if I can I just create things during my free time then time passes so quickly that I have to do other chores or busy at work that I had no energy anymore to sit and dwell in my craft site.  What I will be posting is one of the Christmas ornament set that I created way back 2013.  It has been a habit of mine to collect empty tissue rolls because I know that I will be able to upcycle it to something cute or useful plus my son normal uses few when he is creating something.  This project i would say is not easy due to details but I'm proud to say I did get the flow so everything went smoothly =)


Aluminum Tape
various Embossing Folders
Mirrors in 1 inch
Empty Tissue Rolls
Christmas Theme Cardstock
Eyelash yarns
various bands
Black Acrylic Paint
Sizzix (Angel Wings) Die


1. Aluminum Tape comes in a roll at about 2 inches in width.  Cut strips and emboss for the body of the empty tissue roll =)  Then spread some acrylic paint and let dry =)

2.  Wrap each empty tissue roll with your choice of Christmas theme cardstock.

3.   Wrap the embossed aluminum tape and decorate according to your liking.  I added the mirror inchies to add sparkle when hit by the Christmas lights =)

4.  As for the wings :  Adhere strips of aluminum tape on any cardstock preferably A5 in size then emboss each cardstock then use the Sizzix Angel Wings die.  Adhere wings at the back part of each decorated empty tissue roll.  Hang and enjoy the sparkle =)

Honestly, I have no idea what I will be making for our Christmas tree this year.  My whole family is looking forward to my decorations coz they that every Christmas I have a theme =)  I know time goes so fast and I definitely have to come up with a theme this week =)

Thanks for viewing =)


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