Don't Worry - Be Happy!

Up to this day I'm worried about almost a dozen of packages I sent to fellow RAK-ers at one of my FB group.  To date, 20 already got their mails but 11 still floating somewhere :(   As far as I know Swedish postal service is really fast (proven nth times) but what I'm worried about is when it gets to the country's destination.  I wonder if it really takes almost 3 weeks for them to get it?  Weird, coz a lot from US got theirs so how come some US friends haven't got theirs, right?

Heniweys, I made an art journal last night just to release the tension I'm feeling and  all I have to do now is just trust in God that soon - very very soon all 11 packages will finally arrive, haist!

 Have a great week and happy crafting =)


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