Easy Peasy Ornament for Kids

Need a simple DIY Christmas ornament?

Have a bunch of empty tissue rolls?

Your kid or kids would like to help decorate the tree and thus would love to create their own ornaments?

Well, here's a very simple idea my son created last year for our Christmas tree to complement the Angel-like ornaments I did which by the way you may find it here =)

All you need are empty tissue roll, wrapping paper or perhaps Christmas theme cardstock or aluminum tape like what my son used for this project.  He knows I collect empty tissue rolls and since he saw that I have excess embossed aluminum tape - left overs from the other ornaments I did, he kindly asked me if I can cut each empty tissue roll into 3 parts like what I did for the Easter Baskets years ago =)

Once all has been cut, cover each with your choice as I have mentioned above.

Add mosaic glass on every wrapped roll.

Glitter glue is perfect to add on top and bottom of each wrapped roll.

Don't forget to add whatever strings you have in hand for hanging purposes =)


Easy, right?

until then.....



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