Tip: How to Add More Sparkle for your Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner we all know that and I am pretty sure that in some countries as early as September plays Christmas songs in malls or stores .... some I bet started decorating their homes and even the front and backyard BUT not here in Sweden .... not yet.  Normally the bang starts December 01 and as for me I normally start setting up decorations by the last few days of November since my husband birthday falls on 1st of December.  I also wanted to start feeling officially the Christmas season on his birthday.

In every house the Christmas tree is the center of all decors and that's were my tip comes in for me to share with you all.  When I was a kid I saw my mom decorating our tree with love, patience, and joy.  She would create simple things to hang in our tree then gets busy with her sewing machine for all the curtains in our house.

Anyway, one of the tips she taught me when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree is to first add the lights and/or small mirrors at the body stem of the tree.  It will triple the effect of sparkles one would want to achieve.  For many years I have been using lights but few years ago I was so thrilled to find a pack of mirror inchies or mosaic glass and yes I had one thing in my mind - for our Christmas tree!!!

Oh don't think that we have a Christmas tree as early as now because this was taken last 2013 =)  Yes, I will still be using the glass mosaics year after year =)

just adhere each glass on a band back to back =)

Hang each starnd at the inner part of the tree =)

Ooooooohhhhhh it sure made a big difference!  This shot was taken without flash and the whole room glowed with gladness =)

I do hope one of you will try this tip =)

Thanks for reading!



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