My Martha Stewart Punchers

It's a great feeling indeed when you get to acquire things that you really want. First came my Cricut Expression Machine then after a month comes my MS Punchers.

When all my Fiskars Border Punchers broke ... as in all .... I felt so bad and couldn't understand how such thing can happen. I'm gentle in using all my tools coz craft tools and materials are really expensive, but .....
Then I read some feedbacks that Fiskars Border Puncher are really bad in quality. Is it really true? I just can't believe that all 6 got broke. It all started when punching is so difficult.... when the orange cap separates from the body. I tried to use aluminum foil to sharpen the blades but still each got broke :(

Anyway, a dear crafty friend, Claire, told me about Martha Stewart Punchers. Oh that beacme a problem of mine coz they don't sell MS products here in Sweden... so far :( And so my friend helped me get all the MS punchers that I like. I'm so happy when it arrived. I tried each puncher ... all 13 and I'm impressed. BUT, I'm not impressed with the embossing punchers :( The Embossed Diamonds Puncher is horrible and the others except the diamond zigzag! Anyone having the same opinion?

Well, as they say, there will always be a rotten tomato amongst!


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