Entry #10 - NCM 2010 : My Edge Punchers Guide

Who doesn't love punchers especially Edge Punchers like from Fiskars, EK Success, and of course Martha Stewart? Ha! We all love using such punchers and I'm actually crazy about it hihihihihihihihi.

When I make a layout either a traditional scrapbook ... a card ... or altering, I would normally use an edge puncher as part of the embellishment. It just makes a project complete =)

My situation is I'm a virtual person. First, I draw on a paper or just in my mind how I want the project to be. Most of the time it ends up different hahahahahahahaha but I can still see the previous concept when it's done. When I use edge punchers, I would stare at my punchers and grab one and either I punch on a scratch paper or just put the puncher above my layout. I got tired of that!

With my growing collection of edge punchers (thanks to a fellow crafter who never forgets me because she love me hehehehehehehhehehehe), I had to apply what's best for me. And that is by creating a guide =)

I punched and punched until this morning then laminated by batch. Cut into strips, punched a hole and secured it with album ring. But it doesn't end there, the beaded chipboard tags were used to categorize my edge punchers. Have not seen my beaded chipboard? It's my 9th entry for this craft month http://jerosha.multiply.com/journal/item/187/Entry_9_-_NCM_2010_Beading_Some_Tags

Now, here's my Edge Puncher guide which will definitely help me much better when visualizing a layout =)


ails said...

Awesome! I was just in a craftstore looking for an edge punch and i couldn't make up my mind which one to buy so i ended up with nothing at all. Now after seeing this, i wish i bought at least 1 to add up to my collection.

This is wonderful Jewel! Thanks for sharing! ^_^


As for me when I go out and shop then couldn't buy what I need or can't decide which to buy, I still end up buying but the things I bought were not part of my craft list for the day hahahahahahaha. Chika mo ako which puncher you will buy ha? =D

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