Entry #16 - NCM 2010 : Caring For My Craft Table

Haist! I had a date yesterday morning with my craft table and I bet he enjoyed my touches ... love the way I gave him a soft rub .... most of all he was in heaven when I gave him a shower hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahha.

Yesterday morning since hubby goes to our shops after lunch every Thursday, we just talked about life and the latest shocking news in our lives. At one point, he used my laptop and stayed in my zone for ssssssssoooooo long that I decided to clean my craft table. I was so focused that he teased me saying "OK honey I'm impressed ... what do you need?" hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. He offered to help but I said NO coz I'm doing it ALL FOR THE LOVE OF CRAFTING!!!! Then he asked if it has something to do with national craft month and of course I said Yes then he laughed so hard. Then he said "wait a minute ... this is like da-javu .... was it just last year that you also did a thorough cleaning with this table?" Ha! He was so fast to escape from my room coz he saw I was turning red and whole head is about to burn plus fangs were out and claws about to grab him!

Its true that it was also 2009 National Craft Month when I did a thorough cleaning with my craft table hehehehehehehehehe but every other week or every month I would clean it but no rubbing or showering coz it's all just dusting hihihihihihihihihi.

This year I cleaned my craft table with a breeze and thanks to Cillit Bang Cleaner hehehehehehehehehhehehehe. I didn't have to rub my table so hard that if only it can talk it would shout due to pain. With Cillit Bang, I just had to count up to 10 after spraying before wiping off all kinds of dirt on my table.

Doing this task I have REALLY learned my lesson well :

1. When I will paint I have to cover my table with old newspapers.
2. I should always have a ready old handtowel to wipe my hands.
3. Never leave my paint brush with paint somewhere .... I just have to wash it immediately and let dry unless otherwise I will still be using the same color.
4. I should always have a ready paint brush holder.

1. After using I should wash the stamp or use my cleaner immediately.
I should never ever leave the wet stamp facing down the table no matter how short time I have to finish the project.
2. I should always use my embossing mat.

1. Ha! I should use a glue mat or if I can't find my glue mat then I have to grab from the kitchen a sheet of baking paper.
2. I should use always my heat gun glue mat when using glue gun

1. Always, always dust off and throw teeny weeny bits after a project is done.

If I follow all these lessons I've learned I bet I would be able to at least maintain the cleanliness of my table. After all, the craft table I'm currently using is the very first purchase I did when I started crafting.

So, when was the last time you cleaned your craft table? Well, I bet just yesterday coz you're not lazy like me hihihihihihihihihihihihihi.


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