Entry #18 - NCM 2010 : Altering My Cork Board

Yesterday was kind'a busy and light day for me. Spent most of my time changing things in my craft room. By this time you have read my blog about My Craft Table and My Embossing Folders.

I did not get Joseph form school yesterday coz he played with his close friend at the other side of Uppsala. His friend's name is Mateus and they were picked up by his mom and was here at home with me 15 minutes past 7 in the evening. I was restless coz I'm not used to a quiet home hahahahahahahahahahhaha especially after 4pm. I cooked our dinner ... vacuumed the house but only the first floor hehehehehehehhe but still no Joseph. I was told he will be driven home by 6.30pm and obviously that was not true.

Anyway, due to restlessness, I had an urge to do something about the cork board hubby bought and is now installed in my wall ... in front of me when I'm here tinkering with my laptop. It's just the usual wooden framed cork board with it's natural color.

I took my paint and brush and painted it with shade of green that will match my craft room. When it was dry I took few of the prima flowers I bought in Thailand and adhered each with glue gun. Yes, I did use my glue gun mat hehehehehehehe =D

I love the simplicity of my cork board and decided not to add anymore. At first I was planning to stamp some swirls but changed my mind. My cork board is used for pinning important notes and it would be best to leave it as it is after I altered it. Hubby says it blends well with my room and he's actually wondering what I will do next. I told him maybe I will alter ALL our plasma TV's at home and the microwave or maybe all the doors in the house hahahahahahahahhahahaha. You guys should have seen his face coz for a few seconds he actually believed me hahahahahahahahahahhaha and under microscopic eyes one will see sweats building but then she saw a twitch on my lips hihihihihihihihi.

Here's my corkboard :


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