Entry #11 - NCM 2010 : My Copics and Promarkers Are Finally Organized

I'm suppose to go down the city since the weather is just lovely but I'm stuck here in my craft room tinkering a lot of things. For short my ass is magnetize by my comfy craft chair. I guess what hubby has been telling everyone that once I'm in my craft room and starting have busy hands, it would take a lot of effort for me to get out of it. usually it works when I have to get Joseph in school since I have no choice. then that's almost the end of my crafting coz I have to prepare dinner and bathe Joseph and spend an hour with him discussing anything under the sun.

Oh well, maybe I will just go tomorrow after ice skating with Joseph and his whole class in school. I really have to go to the city coz I have to look for a pack of cardstocks that fits the liking of a client.

So, here I am trying to fix my room and at the same time creating something. I just finished coloring an image stamp I got from stamped image swap last year and I got pissed off coz it took so much time for me to choose the right colors. What choice do I have but to organize all my markers, right?

First, I arrange the colors.

Second, took IKEA wooden cases at the basement and started filling it up. This idea was given to me by Claire Langan - she would always help me organize my things hihihihihihihihihihhhihi.

Duh! It's not enough :( I can't open all the cases and wonder which shade to pick, right? That would kill so much of my precious time.

Last step is to make a color chart that all I have to do is look into that chart and decide which shade(s) I needed for a certain project. This idea once again was given to me by Claire Langan last year which I have neglected for months. I hope she's proud of me now hehehehehehehhehehehehe for I did organized my precious markers which she also bought for my sake =D

The wooden cases are from Ikea which was assembled by who else - ME hahahahaha
Color paint swatches I got free from a paint store and used as labels
After making the pages, I laminated each so it's water-proof hehehehehehehe

Bhoy! Those Copics and promarkers pens glide like a butter - so yummy to use =)

Now it's really easy for me to work with Copics and Promarkers, yipee!!!!

If you will look closely 3 more cases has no labels because I'm so in a hurry to take a picture for uploading purposes. The last 3 unlabeled cases are filled with SPICA pens, water soluble pencils by Derwent, and Joseph's Glitter Pens he got last christmas. It's in my craft room coz the whole set 20 pcs are acid-free. Oh I'm not allowed to use any color of his glitter pens because it's his favorite. Ha! Will buy my own instead =)

And here's the image I colored I was telling you about. I used stickles, too, to add shine. Ha! I'm assembling something so I guess this is a sneak peek hehehehehehehehehehehehe =)


ails said...

Gorgeousness! You colored the image beautifully! Are you twins with Claire? You truly are BFF with each other!

I also love how you organized your Copics. ^_^

ails said...

Gorgeousness! You colored the image beautifully! Are you twins with Claire? You are truly BFF!

I love how you organized your Copics too! ^_^


natawa naman ako sa iyo! naku sis di hamak na sobrang galeng mag-color ni Claire and I'm practicing pa lang but it feels great coz it brings back the memories during my college days =)

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