Entry #26 - NCM 2010 : Review on Storybook Cartridge

First and foremost this cartridge is really a must have for paper crafters. The cartridge is filled with font, graphics, borders, accents and phrases. The amazing part is the cool special features like the Accent/Frame button and the Fancy Corner button. If one adjust the features and layering then each cut gives a 3-D look. The images are magical coz it offers wide range from birds to flowers with intricacy on every cut.

I'm not sure if I made a mistake in counting but here's what I've discovered:

Borders - 30 available cuts
Corners - 34 available cuts
Accent/Frames - 34 or more available cuts
Alpha - 3 kinds and you may choose from Tall but thin, short and fat, fancy - intricate font which all in all one can say fairytale like =)
Numbers and Symbols are available, too
The base for the accent/frames may be used as is and it's about 77 available cuts.
If you have a daughter the crowns 14 available cuts are super cute.
Words / Phrases - I would say 18 available cuts

I did manage to play with this cartridge this morning and I was wearing a full smile all the time. Dressep up the word by adding fancy finishing touch. Now I fully understand why Cricut users everywhere are crafting happily ever after with the classic, feminine and versatile Storybook cartridge. Filled with charming, soft and whimsical graphics, the Storybook cartridge also features a font that is fairy-like.

Here's my cut .... whimsically layered :)


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