Entry #23 - NCM 2010 : Sweet Treats Cartridge

Hello everyone! I have been gone here for few days due to a much need attention here at home. Even to sit in my room and thoroughly check emails and sites were most of the time impossible but did manage to have quick visits at multiply. I was not exactly totally deprived of "my time" coz when everyone is asleep I get to sneak in my craft room and create something in connection with National Craft Month celebration BUT to upload pictures is another matter.

Last Monday, I decided to start creating the album for one of my clients and one thing for sure is that I will be using some of my cartridges. I started off with the "Sweet Treats" cartridge. I love this ... find it so amazing ... and I'm so excited to try few cuts. While browsing through the handbook which I did several times and ended up writing down some notes on my discoveries, namely:

If you go through the handbook you will be so happy to see that you've got 50 "cupcake holders" BUT look again ... duh! ... there is actually one as in ONE cupcake holder and the 49 are just identical cuts :( There is absolutely nothing different from any of those cuts. Luckily, there is a shift function which gives us options in embellishing the cupcake holders.

As for the "party favors", well it's the same as the cupcake holders situation. The candle flame party favor box are actually 10 identical cuts! So in effect we don't have 50 different party favor boxes in the cartridge but we get less :(

The "tags" has identical cuts, too. I actually discovered more identical cuts that I just stopped counting.

The "cards" as well has the same situation because there are 10 same square cards and so on and on and on. But then again there's the shift function to give us options in embellishing or accentuating the shape. So when we add up all the identical cuts there's probably a hundred or more :(

The bottom line is - I don't need 50 identical cuts of cupcake holders because one is fine and would gladly have more options of embellishments. Why just not add up more shapes or options for embellishment than having identical cuts?

Would you believe that there are more than 20 "Not Available" slots on the handbook?

In my mind I was thinking that Provo Craft (PC) will not do such a thing. Sweet Treats cartridge is an awesome .... useful ... and unique cartridge (well every cartridge is unique hehehehehehehe). If you have one then go check it out and see what I'm talking about. The cartirdge should have been a solutions carridge not the usual full cartridge! Good thing I was able to acquire mine for a very good price through th kindness of a dear fellow crafter. If you are planning to buy one, then fin the lowest price coz it's not worth to pay for 80 dollars or 60 dollars for a cartridge that should have been a solution cartridge.

Anyway, since I got shocked with the identical cuts, I did not play with the shapes especially the cupcake holders. I instead play with some words for that's what I need for my client's album.

Here are my cuts:


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