Entry #22 - NCM 2010 : Review on MS Circle Cutter

While I was searching for a circle cutter, I stumbled upon Martha Stewart Circle Cutter and I had a feeling that it's just the kind of cutter that I need. I don't have any circle puncher but I do have few Coluzzle in which one has to use a 360 degrees craft knife - a knife that is flexible to move around. Sad to say I'm not comfortable with it but kept all the Coluzzle for Joseph's future crafting needs. I also have Fiskars hard plastic templates but then again a special tool designed for it needs to be used unless otherwise I prefer to trace and cut which for me is time consuming. The tool cutter al drives me insane since I just don't know how to use it hihihihihihihihihi. I tried a lot of times but I end up frustrated and mad looking at all those wasted papers. Lastly, I have the Spellbinders Nestabilities circle pack but oftentimes it's the right size (s) I need for a certain project. There are instances that I have to use compass but it ruins my project due to the sharp tip. I tried using coffee saucers hahahahahahaha or any circle object that I can trace but once I cut with using a scissor it does not give the smooth edge.

You see, circles for me are the hardest thing to cut. One wrong move it surely doe ruin the project. After much thinking I decided MS Circle Cutter is worth a try. A dear fellow crafter bought it for me since it is not available here in Sweden.

I am so happy and excited to share with you all that the cutter does works for me and it's so easy to use. I say easy because it took only a few tries when I finally found the right grip and effort on how to use it. Oh yeah, I wasted some papers but just scratch papers hehehehehehehehe so no hard feelings =D

Let's talk about this tool in details:

  • It is a round transparent disc made of acrylic.
  • It is marked in increments that range from an inch up to 5 1/2 inches which by the way is the largest circle it can cut.
  • In between there are additional marks every 1/4 inch so you can cut circles in many sizes.
  • In addition to the disc, it comes with a blade handle (cutting tool) and 3 extra blades.
  • The blades are double-sided and the disc turns clockwise and counter-clockwise so it works for both right handed and lefties.
  • The top of the cutting tool can be opened that serves as a storage for the extra blades.
  • The blades do have covers that one can easily slide it off and slide it back.
  • The blade has a flat triangular tip and the holes on the disc are not just round but also a slit allowing the blade to fully fit in and snap into place. In effect there is no chance of it slipping and accidentally cuts your finger.
  • Once the blade has been snapped in place, you simple cut around and that's it.
  • The clear center of the disc turns with the help of ball bearings that helps it to go around smoothly without jerking so in effect it gives you a nice clean cut like a breeze.
To summarize what I'm trying to tell you:
PROS - This circle cutter is lightweight, portable, and cuts circles in 1/16" increments ranging from 1 inch to 5 1/2 inches. The cutter tool fits comfortably in your fingers and holds a double-sided blade so you can cut clockwise or counter-clockwise.

CONS - Unlike a puncher, one has to practice a few times on scratch papers until one finds the right grip. It can't cut bigger than 5 1/2 inches circles so I guess I still need to use plates for making big circles hahahahahahahahaha.

BOTTOMLINE - This circle cutter cuts 73 different size circles in 1 !/16 increments. Compared to buying 73 circle punches the MS Circle Cutter is definitely cost effective.

Lessons Learned:

Problem arises when you have to cut circles from small papers. One has to always have removable adhesives on hand to hold small papers to your cutting mat. I use the blue painter's tape the same kind I use to my now abused cricut mat hehehehe.

The more pressure you exert on the tool itself the more frustrated you would be. Just let it glide like a butter with pulse and pressure steady =D

Some slits you will find difficulty in snapping the blade onto but a little wiggle will do the trick.

The durability of the disc kind'a worries me. When I was trying the cutter for the first time and due to ignorance ... eagerness... excitement .... hard pressure and too much effort, it has now very very few micro - as in microscopic cracks hahahahahaha but of course it may be nothing although time can only tell. I found out that it's not only me who experienced this but almost all first time users.

So there!

I have sshared with you all on what I think and what I can say about the MS Circle Cutter. My last hurrah is BUY ONE coz it's worth every penny =D

To show you all the circles I cut an hour ago :

These are all the 73 cut circles I made using the cutting tool

The biggest cut is 5 1/2 inches and the smallest is 1 inch

To show you the smoothness of each cut

Thanks for those who were interested to know more about this tool because with your interest I was able to make swatches of the circles it can cut that serves as my visual presentation hehehehehehehehehehe.


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