Entry #8 - NCM 2010 : Case for My Pregnancy Album

I'm rewarding myself - I made something and that is a case for my Pregnancy Album. I altered 2 ugly framed paintings and made it into a bag that will fit the album. I say "WILL fit" because the album itself has to be made hihihihihihihihi

I guess one of the rewards when cleaning is you get to encounter precious items that you will regret if get lost much more thrown into a trash bin.

Ha! In one of my bags, I found my pregnancy test result and that is one funny thing I want to keep. It's sort of a great feeling doing something for myself even for an hour, right?

Before anything else I painted the sides of the frame in green using acryclic paint. After few minutes I started applying the main technique which is Decoupage for the upper background then the rest is the usual scrapping. In just an hour this project was done putting a big smile on my face. Now, need to get my pregnancy pictures and start conceptualizing =)


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