(Week 07) - Journal 52 : When I Grow Up

It's time once again for my weekly journal under Journal 52 and it's all about what I want to be when I grow up.  All of us I believe had dreams when we were a kid about what we ant to be.  I also believe ALL parents asked their kids about the same question, right?  When I read the prompt which says "
When you were a kid, did you know what you wanted to be when you grow up? Maybe you wanted to be a teacher or an astronaut for example.
For this week’s prompt, create a page about your “dream job” – what would you do if you do if you could do anything? If you already do work you love, make a list of the things you enjoy about the work that you do. If you’re not sure, then think back to being a child – what activities did you enjoy or what did you hope to do when you grow up?"

I, of course had an immediate answer to such question even up to now when someone asks me and that is for me to :be a STEWARDESS.  I remember I'm always in awe when I see flight attendants in their clean and crisp uniforms and all of them I must say are beautiful indeed in their own way.  I do have a cousin who was a stewardess and I adore her.  Imagine, they get to travel all over the world and even when they are serving food in the plane they stay elegant until one leaves the plane either for next flight or just going home.  Yes, I tried applying and I humbly say I got accepted but it was really my dad against the whole idea.  He told me horrible and possibilities that may happen to me so at the end I pursued my career in Fine Art major in Advertising plus music.  I stayed in the private world for a decade and joined the government as one of the Presidential Staff Officer concentrating on Social Media and Advocacy for 2 Presidents.  My last stint in the government was being the Chief-of-Staff in a prestigious PR agency.  I have no regrets on the path I chose for I met my hubby at the right time, gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Aside from being a Stewardess, I dream to of course be married to a loving, kind-hearted, understand, patient, good provider, and God-fearing man .... then have a child ... be a fulfilled woman in a lot of ways that I don't have to go into detail about that .... grow old with my husband and die peacefully.  ALL of which God has given it to me except for the fulfilled woman part coz I'm in the process as well as the dying part AND being a Stewardess hehehehehehehehehe BUT I'm thankful for that because for many years now I get to travel to see the world with my family anywhere I want PLUs I'm the one being served in the plane and not the other way around.

The main technique I used here was clear packaging tape transfer which I will share with you later.

What was your childhood dream when you grow up?

Happy week-end everyone and God bless!


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