Week 05 (Journal 52) - Abstract Art Inspiration

Abstract Art is our week prompt for Week 05/52.  When I got the prompt I was excited coz I just love abstract art.  It was a funny moment for us who participated in Journal 52 because a lot got confused on Abstract Art and so one of the participants took a kind effort on explaining the difference between Abstract art Non-Objective Art.  Just in case you get confused, too, here is a simple explanation to which I quote Ms. Tina Grimes "I think many people are confusing Abstract vs. Non-Objective Art. This came up in college a time or two, and when I was teaching high school art my students often struggled with it. So I just wanted to offer some explanation, in case it will help anyone here who is struggling with it. Abstract Art has recognizable images/objects in it, however they are distorted from reality by the artist. Cubism is a great example of this, as is Picasso's art. Non-Objective Art, on the other hand, has no recognizable objects in it; it's all about the treatment of the surface, the colors, etc. The art of Jackson Pollock is a very good example of this. When you look at Non-Objective art, you simply don't see anything recognizable in it. When you look at Abstract art you DO see recognizable objects, they just are not depicted in a realistic way. This is how I was taught to understand Abstract vs. Non-Objective in college. I hope it will help someone here."
Ok, back to Journal 52 ...... as what is written:
"Abstract art is defined as art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.

“Abstract artists tell their stories with shapes, color, edges, movement, and value – just like when one is painting a beautiful scene. The difference is, of course, there is no scene. The scene is within the artist.” – Gwen Fox
For this week’s prompt, create an abstract art page in your journal. Use colors, shapes, lines, textures. You can choose whether to paint, draw, or collage."

What I created for this prompt?  Well, I worked on it only last night coz I had to find my Spritzer which I bought last November 2013.  I really wanted to try the tool and luckily I found it just when I almost gave up.   I admit I need to learn more on how to use the tool properly coz I felt uncomfortable but I love what I achieved after playing with the tool and the Sharpie pens.  Spritzer by Perfect Paper Crafting says one can use any pens/markers but with all the pens/markers that I have the Copic Markers and the Pro-Markers wouldn't fit at all :(  I ended up using my Papermania and Sharpie pens.  How I wish all as in ALL pens do fit!

 Here's my journal page - Abstract Art Inspiration:

After looking at it thoroughly I entitled it "Moodswing" due to the faces with different emotions that I see.  Yes, I added glass beads  at the edge and used the alphabet beads to spell my title.

Happy crafting!


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