Burlap Christmas Cutlery Holder

Just two days before Christmas I went to a Flea Market and there I bought vintage silver-gold cutlery which was perfect for our planned Christmas Äretun gathering.  I got vintage silverware from my DMIL.  It was hers given during their wedding day and the whole set was super elegant - white with gold sidings and gold small flowers on the side.  Anyway, when I got home I hurriedly looked for my green burlap and started sewing cutlery holders.  I accentuated each holder with poinsettia which I patiently removed one by one from an old wreath.  Aside from the vintage cutlery I bought at the flea market, I bought different colors of band with tassel effect but for this particular project I used the white one.   I'm not really good in sewing but what the heck! I love how it turned out given that it was a last minute project.

 Here's the process:

 Yup, that's our very old dog, Kasper.  He always wants mamma =)

Fray the edges =)

Adhere the plastic poinsettia flowers using a glue gun =)

That's it!


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