Never Underestimate the Weather

Darn!  I literally froze this afternoon all because I underestimated the weather this day.  From the inside the weather seems fine ... sun is shining bright and not much wind.  Thinking that it would be a great sunny weather like last week hitting 25 degrees, I just wore a leather jacket over.  Hubby took me to the church since it's been a habit of mine to do that every Monday, before going to work.  My morning session at work went fine and I was in fact looking forward for my lunch break coz hubby and I would eat at the restaurant every Monday before I continue with my activities for the rest of the day.

Lo and behold!  When hubby and I went out of the restaurant the weather was too cold!!!!  Aside from the fact that it's only 7 degrees, the wind comes from the north which I later found out when I got here at home :(  Hubby went home while I have to go to the gym for my 3x a week session.  Geez!  Instead of just window shopping for at least 30 minutes before I can actually begin my gym session, I had to buy a scarf and soft gloves.  It took me half an hour to find the right scarf and that's when it dawned on me that I should have brought the scarf I patiently made last February.  Well can't sulk much so at the end I grabbed a black soft scarf with tiny prints of flowers in orange and pink hues and sad to say no soft gloves available anymore.

Everything went fine at the gym and I enjoyed the heat from the bastu before taking the shower and head home.  While waiting for the bus I was literally freezing coz of course the scarves one can buy at the stores nowadays are thin.  When I got home I changed my clothes and wore the scarf I made ... which by the way while writing this I'm actually still wearing it hahahahahaahhahahahaha.

Here's the scarf I made and it's actually the very first scarf I ever made ... maybe the last =)


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