Decoupaged Luggage

One of my greatest worry when traveling abroad is when checking-in luggage then upon arrival we have to wait for our luggage(s) then all of a sudden you'll realize one luggage is missing.  The stress of asking the information counter on what to do when luggage got lost.... filing of documents ... then the waiting.   One has no idea how many days it will take for the luggage to be delivered.  Thank God that such annoyance never happened to me ... yet. 

What to do to avoid such thing to happen?  First of all pray, claim, and believe that it will not happen.  This really works for me ALL the time.  Secondly, don't buy the usual color of luggage but if you have no choice put a mark on your luggage.  As for me 2 days before our trip last June, I decoupaged my luggage as well as my son's.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture of my son's luggage.  Thirdly, just for sure, take a picture of your luggage(s) then print out so if anything happens the airline has a visual copy of your luggage.

Look what I did to my new bought luggage =)

I used a paper napkin then sprayed fabric paint on different stencils.  I did this at the front, back, and both sides =)


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