Hello Kitty Paper Baby Shoes

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty?  I guess every girl went through the stage of going ga-ga over Sanrio products particularly Hello Kitty items.  I, for one, was part of that rage =)  In fact I still have my HK items here in Sweden but not all.  Oh but I don't buy such items now ... just appreciating I should say since I don't have a baby girl but truly blessed with a son.

Anyway, when a friend of mine in Philippines saw my ladies paper shoes, she contacted me and asked if I can make baby shoes since her daughter will be turning 1 come August.  I couldn't say NO coz she a friend of mine for years.  So, in between grief and sorrow, I patiently created 50 pieces of baby shoes with the requested theme of Hello Kitty.  Geez!  I'm thankful I have the HK Cricut Cartridge and found an easy baby shoe template.  I had to find the right size of template so it took a while and tinkering the enlarge button in my printer.

I sent the package 2 days before we left for Italy last June and yesterday she informed that finally it arrived, whew!  I got worried for a day coz we were in vacation for 1 month and based on tracking it was out of Sweden 17th of June and has been in the Philippines since 24th of June.  I'm so glad that they love, love, love the baby shoes and can't wait to see pictures of the party.  Hhhmmm, I wonder what candies they will fill-in in every shoes =)

All the shoes before packing.

The white series.

The printed series.  All cardstock I sued are by Tilda.

 The Process:

1.  Trace, cut and assemble the pattern.  You may print out your desired size by of course twitching the enlarge button of your printer to print out a pattern. 

2.  I opted to emboss the outer sole of each white baby shoe to add texture before assembling the shoe.

3.  Cut HK heads then assemble each one.

4.  Added stickles on every nose =)

5.  Punched flowers.

6.  Used pearl maker (black) for the center of each flower.

7.  Now once you have fully embellished each shoe to your liking, don't forget to add an inner sole for every shoe so it will look clean and flawless.


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