Flower Burst N Butterfly Theme: Nail Art

I have almost all the colors of KONADStamping Nail Art and late last night I decided to play with the colors.  I chose bright colors instead of the pastel shades.  Once again, let me remind you that I'm not a professional manicurist and I'm so scared of using nipper so you will definitely noticed that each nail is not perfect at all.

Combining 2 stamping plates and few colors really is awesome but of course it took almost 2 hours for me to finish all nails since I was at the same time watching horror/thriller film "The House at the End of the Street".  Plus I was too excited to take a picture that I forgot to remove the excess colors on my fingers.  Nevertheless, I'm so thrilled when I finished my nail art for this week.  Hhhmmm I wonder what I will do with my nails next week.


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