Hanging Storage for My Washi Tapes et al

Have you seen my previous storage for all my washi tapes?   It's what I used last 2008 for all my ribbons but my ribbons grew and so I stored my ribbons another way.  Well, since I have been buying washi tapes from time to time, my previous storage ain't useful for me anymore.  I prefer to just have one storage where I can instantly see what I have and what I can use.  In my heart I know washi tapes and the like will forever grow in my craft room, I might as well use a hanger.

Here's how it looks like now:

The rings which is 5" in diameter I bought during the flea market here in town and the next fela market is scheduled on September so I will surely buy a dozen by that time.  As for the hanger, I still have one not being used and I'm gonna save that for more washi tapes in the future.

How do you store your washi tapes and the likes?


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