Pre-start of My Project Life!

Nothing much to do last 18th of January but to be at home due to the -25degrees weather that day.  While doing the laundry, I just decided  to check out all the photos I have and thank God it was properly organized per year.  Hhhmmmm, I may start Project Life, right?  Geez!  it's from 2002 to 2012!!!!

First thing I did was to choose photos I like per date and inserted each on pocket sleeves.  Afterwhich, I check which photos I don't have in-hand so my computer was super-duper busy starting that day =)  By night time, I was totally into printing photos =)  I just had the feeling of securing each photo on designated year album.  I can just adjust along the way when I start adding fillers and notes.

Honestly that day I was awaiting from Becky Higgins counterpart store in UK with regards to my core kits.  I did placed an order for 6 kits and I'm so excited to know whether they shipped my order already or not.  It's really difficult when one item or 2 of your order is in "pre-order" state, right?   haist!

Anyway going back to my Project Life mode ......   I actually included all my traditional scrapbook and digital scrapbook layouts in each PL album.  Hubby was even happy and excited to browse each album once I'm done.

Are you into Project Life?


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