Project Life Orders : Delivered, Yippee!!!

Oh yes, after a lot of thinking whether I should buy Core Kits from Becky Higgins or not, I took the plunge as part of hubby's Christma gifts.  it took a little while before it was delivered because as far as I can remember 2 core kits will be available sometime latter part of January.  Well, it's worth the wait =)

Yes, I did try my best to create few journal cards while waiting for my package to arrive but I haven't posted it yet coz it's all over my craft place.   It's a different feeling to actually have the original core kits from Becky Higgins so I know anyone can imagine how happy I was when I got my package last 28th of this month.  I almost hugged the UPS man when I opened the door and he was holding a big and kind'a heavy box.

 As a trial, I bought 4 Core Kits and 2 Childhood Mini Kits.  I will be showing each kit to all of you so you know what's in every kit before you place an order.


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