Re-Upholster : High Round Chair

What's your very first project/challenge for 2013?

As for me, it was really a difficult one!  Why?  I'm not good in sewing because I can only do the basics BUT how can I say NO to my everdearest hubby, right?   The look in his eyes when he requested it sparkled with "I really believe you can do it, honey".  Whew!  Really?  Me?

Oh well, there's a first time for everything!

Story behind:

While we were at work and I was having my lunch break, he came in at the kitchen with a chair and says that it's perfect while he plays one of his guitars.  He found it somewhere and wants it.  In my mind I felt that NO WAY he's gonna sit on that chair.  I went home early and lo and behold he took home the chair.

Here's the sit of the high chair  after he removed it from the base:


The very same day he took home the high chair, I began working on it.  We both decided that a camouflage is perfect coz he wants it to look tough!

Please remember that I'm not into sewing so the procedure I did is what came into my mind using my common sense for short.

1.  I did cut a circle using an ancient method hehehehehehehe

2.  Yup, I did cut another circle, a black fabric and pinned together before sewing.

 3.  Being half-ignorant in sewing, I used an ordinary thread to secure the cover and so when it was nearly at the end the thread broke.  Yes, I had to find the thread for upholstering.  I'm so glad that hubby inherited his grandma's sewing kit and in it are different threads ... and one of it is a thread perfect for my project.

 4.  Yipee!  I did it =)  I had to put on the cover while at the finishing stage coz I was securing the cover with thread and not a garter.  A thick thread is perfect because to secure the cover you will have to pull and oull the thread until it looks ruffled.  Here's how it looks like without the base yet.

 5.  And hubby is proud to have his high round chair newly covered!

 All in all, I can say that even if you are half-ignorant in sewing complicated items, with a little common sense, you will be able to re-upholster a round chair high or low!



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