Vellum Printing

I'm not really a vellum user but I did try using such material and I wasted few sheets.  I learned my lesson very well and I'm sharing with you some pointers =)
  • Make sure you print on the smooth side of the vellum, rather than the rougher side. Yes, there are such things. You will be able to feel it rather than see it.
  • Change your paper setting to inkjet transparency coz this helps the printer realize it is printing on a non-absorbent paper and therefore it doesn't lay down nearly as much ink.Every printer is different so don't panic if you don't have that button.
  • Don't print at best quality. Use draft or normal (depending on your printer). Experiment with this this and the transparency setting.
  • Leave vellum for 1/2 hr or so to make extra sure you don't smudge it. This is one thing you need patience for!


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