TDS Issue #13 : Fairytale/Fantasy Theme

Oh yeah! The Daily Scrapper Issue #13 is out and making a buzz!

For this issue we have a fantasy/fairytale theme. As part of the hybrid theme, I created a 19 pages Fairytale Book entitled "Life Itself is The Most Wonderful Fairytale of All".

I was also tasked to write an article :D

Writing the article and creating the fairytale book is in a way a revelation of who I am and what I believe in life. A reader can easily see a glimpse of my life all in the name of Love.

Oh yeah, I still believe in fairytales ... magic .... dragons .... unicorns ... fairies ... santa ... trolls .. goblins ... witches .... middle earth .... and of course Princesses and Princes.

Hope you guys have time to read the whole issue of TDS and I bet everyone will gain something out of it.


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