Digital VS Traditional

Honestly speaking, I do all sorts of scrapbooking from traditional to digital to altered art to scrapbooking on the wall. I really love doing and exploring all sorts of creativity. When I started scrapbooking I was into digital but then I went into traditional way. Both ways, I am very very happy but oftentimes I prefer to undergo the actual cutting, pasting, searching for embellishments just so to create aeither a single or double spread or series layout.
Anyway, listed below are some things for you to consider before starting this magical hobby.
What are the benefits of digital scrapbooking versus traditional scrapbooking?

Digital scrapbooking saves money: Unlike most traditional scrapbooking supplies that are "consumable," digital scrapbooking supplies can be purchased once and used forever.

Digital scrapbooking saves time: Instead of creating a separate page for each person at a given event, you can use the same template and drop in different photos or use the same layout but print out multiple copies (one for each person at a given event).
Digital scrapbooking saves memories: While traditional layouts and photos can fade or yellow over time, computer generated layouts are archived in a digital format where they are safe from the effects of heat, oxidation, time, and other external factors. Digital layouts never lose their vibrancy, detail, or color.

Digital scrapbooking saves space: Digital files are (obviously) smaller than "real" scrapbook pages, but also printed digital pages are less bulky than traditional scrapbook pages. Printed computer generated layouts save space in your scrapbooks.
Computer generated pages are easily shared: Digitally created pages can easily be shared with friends via the Internet, through e-mail, or via a CD.


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