Quick Fixes

Little mess-ups on scrapbook pages happen all the time. Before you go starting over, see if any of these quick fixes work for you.

Removing rub-ons
Use scotch tape to remove an errant rub-on. Just use a gentle pouncing technique on the spot and it will slowly start to stick to the surface of the tape. Use a fresh bit of tape frequently, perhaps a few times for every removal. And be careful with white core papers. Heavy pouncing will bring up the color or pattern.

Cracked rub-ons
This happens when you lay down a rub-on over several layers of paper. It "cracks" as it goes over the edges. Whip out some white or black paint (whichever is appropriate) and use it to bridge the crack and color the paper edges.

Ink smears
Never fails—I always get a black ink smudge on white cardstock. Happens every time. Again, use white paint as you would use white-out to cover up the stain.
Got a smear on non-white colored cardstock? Embrace it and start distressing the rest of your layout with the same color ink. What was a mistake, now looks intentional.

Slightly uneven edges
Did you cut something a little crooked? Ink the edges and the boo-boo will quickly disappear.

Got this tips from a fellow crafter who sent me through email =)


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