Amanda's Gift Bag

When my step daughter turned 20 last April 28, my son and I were in the Philippines for a 1 month vacation. I totally forgot to give the gift before our trip. It was only the other day I remembered that the gift is still here at home and true enough I found it at the basement 5 minutes ago. I bought 2 cool shirts for her which she can use come autumn. To pack her gifts I decided to alter a paper bag of medium size which I got from Uppsala Färg store when I bought pens a long time ago.

Here's how it looks like after altering :D


Maria said...

Your altered gift bag is fantastic Jerosha! I love altering bags. . .it's much nicer than the store bought ones and it's personalized so it makes it special. Love the cute image and the pretty flower that you added!! Your step daughter will definitely appreciate your work of art.


JEROSHA said...

Thanks Maria for dropping by and leaving some love and kindness. I did enjoy altering the paper bag and I guess will be altering more BUT need to collect paper bags first hahahahahaha.

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