I'm Officially A Digital Hybrid Designer for The Daily Scrapper

Some of you may remember that I was once featured at The Daily Scrapper and it's all because of my Altered Clocks I made August 2008. It was my first time to be featured on an all-english site hihihihihihihihi.

April 14 of this year, I got an invitation to be part of the Hybrid Team. I read the invitation over and over again and tried to pinch myself if I'm not dreaming. I had to take a walk and have a quiet moment - thinking If I'm worth to be part of such a GREAT and highly acclaimed online magazine.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! I accepted the invitation and informed the kind owner, Ms. Alice Koh, that I will be able to participate as soon as I get back from our Philippines trip.
You just don't have any idea how itchy I was to inform all of you that I'm one of the Digital Hybrid Designer for The Daily Scrapper. I had to hold it as a secret all this time until this day coz I'd rather inform you all when I have finally participated and created something for TDS.

Please spare a little time and visit Hybrid Projects of The Daily Scrapper. Feel free to browse the entire magazine and I bet you guys will love what we have there.

If you're excited to see what I created with tutorials, click this - http://www.thedailyscrapper.com/2009/issue11afc/Hybrid.html. But I really hope you all will get to see and read all the pages.

See you all at the next issue :D


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