Issue #16 The Daily Scrapper : Family Keepsake

Hi everyone! How sad that I haven't created anything yet since we got back from Greece :( I have other priorities for now so I seldom stay in my craft room. I have so many ideas and my hands are itchy to create something but I have to back off at the meantime.

Well the good news is that The Daily Scrapper Issue #16 is out!!! Try to spare few minutes and check the latest issue. I altered a canvass frame and turned it into a family keepsake bag/box. The objective of my bag/box is to be filled with pictures of my childhood. Inside the bag/box I attached a 2 ring binder so photos are well organized.

Forgive me for posting this info so late - I'm just juggling my time being a mom, wife, and a friend. Need to play soon in my craft room!


propalica said...

your blog looks nice,

you are originaly from thailand i would guess by the name and looks, my wife is from indonesia...

good luck.

JEROSHA said...

Hi! I'm originally from Philippines and moved here in Sweden after getting married. Are you also into crafting? Or maybe your wife?
Have a great day =D
Thanks for visiting my craft blog :)

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