Issue #17 The Daily Scrapper : Autumn Fever

Autumn is definitely in the air here in Sweden :( It is the time of the year when we have to prepare clothes for such cold breeze outside. I have finally put out all autumn and sort of winter clothes and bye-bye to summer clothes now hidden in the basement. Boots and scarves are neatly arranged with matching bags (of course) hehehehehe.

One of the things that I do in preparation for autumn season is to make our home warm - blending with shades of brown, golden yellow, and deep red. For The Daily Scrapper Issue 17, I created a table top wreath as part of my decorations this year.

Check out my creation by clicking

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Recipe Book {PART 1}:
schedule: September 25 - October 01 [available]
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Recipe Book {PART 2}:
schedule: October 02 - 08 [available next week]


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