Alpha Chipboard Organizer

January 2011 is the month I solely dedicated my time in cleaning and organizing the whole house.  I'm happy to say that although it took 2 weeks for me to do such things in my main craft room alone, I, Jerosha Äretun, who is "allergic" and lazy when it comes to cleaning hahahahahahaha, was able to accomplish such project.  I will share with you my upgraded craft room as well as my craft room extension at the basement one of these days ...yeah the month of February 2011 not 2012 hehehehehehhehe.  But first I will be sharing with you one by one how I was able to organize successfully my bits and pieces inside my main craft room. 

Let's start off with Alpha Chipboard(s).  I seldom ... rarely use chipboard in my creations but surprisingly I have a lot of it scattering around.  It was painstaking to gather each one of it as I was cleaning my room.  I believe I was able to gather all and bought an organizer in a mens hobby section down the city.  So far it's the best solution for me =)

 Maybe you have a better way of organizing your alpha chipboards and I of course would like to know =)


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