Tabletop Clock (Female)

The weather is fantastic this day and was also yesterday ... sun and no strong wind except during the night ... it rained. My little boy and I did something this afternoon but it's not really finished yet so I think I will be able to post that project tomorrow after work.

This day I''m still not in the mood for paper crafting and since I don't have to cook dinner I decided to play with paints.  Funny coz I'm not a pink person but I played with pink .... also I don't have a daughter so I'm wondering who will I give this tabletop clock?  Oh well never mind will just make something for a boy =)

Thanks for dropping by =)

until then.....


thecraftyladybug said...

So cute and adorable! :)

frances joy said...

pwede lagyan ng battery ate?? ang galing namn.. ang cutee!!!

JEROSHA said...

Jas, it looks much better in reality :-) Thanks for coming here.
Have a greet weel!

JEROSHA said...

Frances iha, yup battery operated ang clock :-) Thanks once again!

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