Upcycling Lost Pair Earrings

Mammography went fine this morning and thanks to my son who followed me at the hospital.  We both lost our way ... took the wrong entrance so we had to run as fast as we could coz time is ticking.  Whew!  We were late for 6 minutes but they were kind enough to accommodate me.  Afterwards, we went to Panduro Craft store and look for my son's art materials he needed at home and I of course couldn't hesitate to buy one book that tackles everything about arts and crafts.  I was tempted to buy sets of cardstocks but changed my mind ... will buy those next week instead =)

At 12 noon we had lunch together with hubby at my favorite Chinese buffet restaurant.  The food they offer really reminds me of Chinatown in the Philippines =)  At about 1pm, we headed to the movie house but without hubby and watched The Smurfs.  Aw, I want those smurfs here at home!

Anyway, this morning while looking for a pair of earrings that matches my attire for the day, I found a box filled with old earrings and most of them doesn't have pair anymore :(  I promised a long time ago to myself that I will try to fix some or upcycle few and I just did =)

From old earrings ... without a pair to jumbo unique rings!!!

Jumbo rings have been a trend since late last year here and I bought few in Spain but buying here sometimes can be expensive.  I'm so happy I have more unique jumbo rings to wear without spending a dime =)


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