Muffin Cup Flowers

My muse is gone for vacation ... i guess :(  No matter what I do I just can't create any cards lately.  Hubby says maybe because I got so tired and still needs rest after creating so many things at the same time during the month of October.  I say, I believe I have to clean and organize again my main craft room and down the basement.  I need to pull out all Christmas related tools and materials so I can focus more.

Anyway, as I was searching for some popcorns to pop I found pretty baking cups for muffins.  I remember I bought few packs in different prints a year ago during one trade fair here in Uppsala.  Since I don't bake muffins often .... or I should say I only bake muffins once in a blue moon, I decided to try and make few flowers.  As I've said I'm just not in the mood of creating anything so I only made four.  The result is so cute!

Just flatten out each paper cups then cut strips but not all the way through then add something at the center, that simple!


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