Felt Wine Glass Markers

Red day in Sweden meaning no work for everyone - a holiday!  Yeah it's holiday here but nothing new to us ... it's a usual Saturday for me and my son except for hubby who had a grand time with his motorcycle this morning till early afternoon while we're having our usual bonding day with Joseph grandparents.  I have cleaned my main craft room and will find time cleaning, sorting, and organizing my basement craft room anytime next week.

My muse in paper crafting is still gone for vacation and I hope it's a short one hehehehehehehehe.  My mind is so filled with ideas but can't execute much but I did something simple and it's great for the coming holidays.

Planning for a big party this Christmas?  Then better prepare wine markers as early as now.  Her's what I did .... ah although I have no plans of big party next month, i just want to have markers just in case I change my mind =)

Thanks for coming here =)
until then.....


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