...and so I have my own IDEA book ... finally!!!

It was only at the beginning of October 2011 that I took the initiative of making my own idea book.  It's not helping me anymore by just writing things on any sheet of paper that I can find in my room.  I always ended up spending lots of hours just to find a specific note - not good coz in effect it's less crafting for me, right?  Having owned a Bind-It-All tool for years now I should you use it often especially now that I also have the latest version, the pink one.  I will play with both this week and find out what's the difference between the two.  I have no idea what went inside my brain that I decided to buy the latest version when in fact I haven't use the blue one much. 

Anyway, with my own Idea Book I can jot down ideas, quotes and I even write my craft wishlist (lol).  Plus everytime I use Cricut, I now write down the cartridge used and the sizes and also other materials I use on every project.

For both covers (front and back) I used a thick board then covered with sparkly DP.  All the inside pages are just plain white bond paper cut into the perfect size using Zutter Dream Kuts.  The tassle is made out of leather.

Just showing an example of  the pages ... only me can understand what I have written down.

So, are you also using an IDEA book where you can just write down any craft related matters?

until then.....


ails said...

Yes I have but not as cute as yours! I just bought a notebook at the mall and that's it. :D I have used 20 pages only. and not all are craft ideas. hehe maybe I should use it more often.


It really helps a lot to have a notebook for craft ideas or quotations. It's very useful for me especially when I have to write down cartridges I use and the sizes of cuts on every project. Sometimes I draw the concept, too and write down possible materials to use. We have tons of bond papers here that's why it pushed me to make one plus I bought another Bind-It-All so no excuse for me =)

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