PINAY Layout - Revamp

Another traditional scrapbook layout I revamped yesterday and few more to come.  I'm happy with the results and I think it will take several years before I get tired with it and revamp again.  I mainly used Forever Young Cricut Cartridge ... used pastel glittered alpha chipboards and maintained the Pinay concept of my layout.

With this previous LO I adhered acrylic jumbo flowers and jumbo sequins, a native hat and a pendant that says Världens Bästa Mamma (The Worlds' Best Mom) plus the diamond studded ruby earings my mom gave to me.  can you imagine how limited my supplies when I started paper crafting?  Through the years my craft room with all the goodies in it grew that I have to make another craft room down the basement.

NOW - 2011

The woman with a handbag is a cut I made using Forever Young Cricut Cartridge =)  I added a flower bling on the handbag and used pearlmaker at the center.

Will do more revamping this day and tomorrow ... I think.

until then.....


franzesjoi said...

:) huwauw!!! ate your picture is STUNNING!!! ang pretty!! love your smile ate ha!!! yang smile ang ngpp-inlove sa hubby mo noh.. :) ang cute ng hat n pendant!! :)


Thanks so much Joy. I'm not photogenic so I would say the pix above is one of my best =)

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