Storage for My Distress Ink Foam(s)

Got a heavy date with the laundry machine this day and it started this morning about 8.30 and I bet this hot dte will last till early eveing (lo).  Lot sof things to do ... mind is full of creative things but executing is the hardest part this day :(  Looking at my main craft room it surely needs re-organizing and not to mention the horrible look of my craft room down the basement.  I have to pull out all Christmas related items and from there I have to conceptualize.  Look at me, I'm here on my comfy swivel chair and writing this blog instead.  It's so cold that every now and then I have to go to the bathroom, haist!  I know the heater is on but still.....

Down the basement I found lots of storages and one thing that caught my attention is an empty acrylic storage for beads.  It has 36 compartments and I remembered all my used foam pads for my distress ink pads are just hidden in one cookie container.  I did some labeling using word document in my coputer and printed it out =)

I need to find/buy the same acrylic case because I intend to buy whatever Ranger distress ink pads comes out in the market.  I just got the Seasonal Series yesterday and I'm waiting for the Ranger Fall collection which I hope will be delivered very soon.

Here's how I store the foam(s):

I just added labels in alphabetical way so I know where to put back each foam I use.  To see how I kept my foams before :

I wasn't sure how to organize and store my foam pads this morning and I was confused which type of foam to use.  At the end I opted to use the artist foam for now and I threw all the old and abused original foam.

I have a feeling I will change my mind soon but for now I'm happy with my acrylic storage ... I just need to find/buy one again =)

How do you keep your foam(s)?


ails said...

i do not have foams Jerosha. I do not know how to use a distress ink yet. Maybe you could give us a tutorial here so I'll know. :) I do not buy distress ink coz I do not know how to use it. hehe

JEROSHA said...

Ails you made me laugh .... me do a tutorial on how to use distress ink pads? I haven't set-up my video camera in my craft room so maybe next year pa. For now enjoy watching Tim Holts tutorials instead =)

ails said...

ahhh hahaha sige sige I'll search for it. hehehe We plan to buy a nice photo printer soon so after that I can finally start scrapbooking Perry's photos. then, i'll be able to try those pretty and cool stuff like distress inks, crackle (?) paints, etc. hahaha thanks dear! :D

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