My Samsung Tab

It's been a month now since I had my own "surfplatta" - Tablet =)  Hubby bought it for me when he learned that I want to have one.  At that time I was torn between Ipad 2 but we read and learned that it was not impressive and that Samsung tab is way much better.  Then we learned that Ipad 3 will soon be released but no idea if it's true plus Steve Job died.  In the end, hubby just bought Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 as a surprise gift for me one day.  It took awhile before I got the hang of it.  I had no idea how to add apps and the likes but thanks to my dear friend, Hershey, who came over one day and helped me go through with it. Every morning or while watching TV I use my tablet or sometimes my son would like to see things of his interest and at the same time watch TV so he gets to use it, too.  Hubby doesn't like to try hahahahahahahahahaha.

I love the fact that I can bring it anywhere but the main reason why I want it so badly is because I have uploaded all my cartridges then in effect it would be very easy for me to discuss matters with my clients anywhere.  Cool!

For now I'm truly satisfied with my tablet ... it's so fast and no hanging like some others experienced it.  The only set back is that the battery lasts only 5 days if one uses it non-stop.  In my case it lasts more than a week or 2 because I only do it for checking and responding to emails or updates or read ebooks when in transit.

That's me in my craft world ... messy room hehehehehehehehehehehe.  My friend took a picture of me while I'm learning the tablet =)


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