Altered Clothes Pin(s)

Hoo! Hoo! It's the 11th day of National Craft Month :-) 20 more days and it's over hehehehehehehehehhehehe

I have been wanting to alter clothes pin(s) for so long and now I had the chance to do it all because of the National Craft Month hehehehehehehehe. It's the 11th day and I'm so enjoying it! Aren't you? This day I just played with unused clothes pin(s). Mostly I used the normal size pins then I have very few plain mini pins and an unusual size pins. I played right after I got home from Joseph's school ... did not eat lunch coz I totally forgot about it hehehehehe then finally at 3pm it's done!

I promise to alter JUMBO Clothes Pin(s) but not today hehehehehehehehehhe mmmmmmm, maybe next week when I feel like doing it :D

All the blue pins are for my nephew Ryan while the lavander, mint green, plain with sunflower (my favorite flower by the way hihihihihihi), and the mini pins with blings are mine which I plan to use in my room and in some other arts. This kind of art is great for embellishing a package, too :D

For my nephew's pins I embellished each with a wooden head of an animal ' lamb, bear, frog, and decided to use wooden hearts, too, coz the black bird is kind'a scary for a baby hehehehehehe. His pins can be used for hanging his clothes hahahahahahahaha

Oh, before anything else I painted one side blue using hobby paint for wood ... metallic lavander ... and metallic mint green. Then I covered the other sides with left-over cardstock that I have.

Anyway, sside from the wooden items and blings, I used ribbons, multi.colored strings, prima flowers from friends Joan and Claire, my son's beads, and stickles for the hearts. I added white stickles to soften the look of the blue pins :D

Let's see the sets!

The wooden frogs

The wooden lambs

The wooden bears

The wooden hearts

The beads

The chipboards

The Prima flowers with leaves

The Prima flowers with buttons and organza ribbons

The wooden sunflowers

Mini Clothes Pins with wooden flower and bling


Cris said...

very nice! the ones with the chipboard are my favorites :). Cris


Hi cris! thanks so much dear :D Hope all is well with you and the baby.

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