2009 How I Organized My Room :D

Being the last day of the National Craft Month, I decided to totally dedicate this day by organizing my room. Meaning, I spent the whole day fixing my room and did it up to the last important detail. But of course, from time to time I will be revamping something but as it is now, it is really an organized room. After I have accomplished my goal for the day, I tried to work and see if things are indeed accessible. Oh YES it is :D

I am really happy, contented and fulfilled that I dedicated my whole day by showing how much I cared about my craft materials and tools - and that is by having the discipline of cleaning my room and keeping them safe.

Now, the question is?
Will I be able to maintain the cleanliness? The answer is NO! Simple because I create things and naturally it will be a mess hahahahaha.

Let's re-phrase the question, Will I have the discipline to clean my room after I have crafted for the day? The answer is YES! I will do my best to return things where I got them immediately after I use it because I WILL NOT allow another major organization of my room because it's sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooo tiring!!!! hahahahahahaha I promise myself that everytime I have a new tool or material, I will put them where it belongs.

So there my dear friends and fellow crafters, I, Jerosha Äretun, finally know and learn the true meaning of ORGANIZATION :D

Aren't you guys proud of me? hahahahahahahahahahaha
I did it all by myself without anybody helping me hahahahahahahahahaha

Love you guys!
Thanks so much for the love and support you all gave me and giving me :D

Cheers to our friendship and may God bless us all!

Let me show you the BEFORE and AFTER shots =)

Thanks for viewing =)

I know soon I will be re-organizing again simply because I just can't stop buying things  :P


Mocha said...

Wow! Your room looks very clean and tidy. Having it clean will help you rest well and feel good whenever you came from a very long day.


Thanks so much :-) I'm not really into cleaning lol but for the love of crafting I exerted all my effort and strength to sort .. clean ... and organize my room. If you have seen the Before and After Photos, I hope I made you laugh lol.


Sandy said...

To clean up your space or house is important task to do because you really need to get rid of anything that you are no longer need. If you have things that can be used by other people, you can help by donating it to charities and other organization.


Thanks Sandy! Yeah, i know cleaning is important but sometimes I wonder why even after cleaning ... and donating things, it never ends LOL :D

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